The Mudjimba Community Hall seats approximately 80 people and is available for hire to local clubs, groups and also public use.

The kitchen includes crockery, stove, fridge, urn, jugs, microwave, tables, chairs, car parking and facilities for the disable in parking and easy access to the hall. No furniture is to leave the Mudjimba area without the express permission of the duly elected Committee. All breakages to be replaced or paid for, also including carpet damage. The Committee take no responsibility for any property or personal possessions left in the Community Hall and this includes vandalism.

Private and Corporate Hire
$25.00 per hour
General Hire on a regular basis
$15.00 per hour
Table Hire
$3.00 per table
Chair Hire
$1.00 per chair
Electoral Hire
$300.00 per day

All other requests are at the Hall Hire Managers discretion.

Booking Enquires

For further information or related enquires, please call Hall Manager Jackie Williams on (07) 5448 7680






Rules of the Mudjimba Community Hall

1. Please remove all food/perishables from the refrigerator by Friday of each week.  Any food left during the week must be placed in a sealed container.

2. All benches/sinks/toilet facilities/tables/chairs are to be left clean for the next group to enjoy.

3. All tables are to have the protective covers (tablecloths found in the kitchen drawers) on them at all times while in use.  They are to be left clean after each use.

4. No person or group shall enter the hall prior to their designated booking time without prior approval of the Hall Manager.

5. All problems/faults must be reported to the Hall Manager as soon as possible so that matters are dealt with safely and correctly.

6. Any complaints re the hall should be in writing and directed to The Secretary, Mudjimba Residents’ Association Inc, PO Box 9411, Pacific Paradise, 4564.

7. All complaints that are urgent can be dealt with by the Hall Manager. The Hall Manager’s decision is final and binding.

8. For health and safety reasons, items should not be stored on the top of any cupboard.

No private or corporate functions are to have any alcohol on the premises or the appurtenance of the Mudjimba Community Hall.