Current plans for the expansion of the Sunshine Coast Airport (SCA) sound alarm bells. The Queensland State Government could well be facing another Traveston Dam fiasco. There are key issues, which demand urgent public scrutiny and full disclosure by the Council.

Significant financial risks for the Sunshine Coast

  • There is a high risk that Sunshine Coast ratepayers will be left to bail out and service the debt introduced by this Council to the tune of more than (circa) $400 million

Sunshine Coast residents, already squeezed by a tough economy, cannot afford these additional costs

  • Does the business case stack up?
  • Residents do not have access to the business case for the current plan
  • This is a vital piece of information for the community

What we do know is that variations of this same plan have been found wanting by many reputable organisations and potential investors including Infrastructure Australia, State and Federal Governments of both major political parties and major banks that include airports in their investment portfolios.

  • Why then is it now considered to be a viable option?
  • Have the following factors been taken into account?

The full cost-benefits available by upgrading the current runway

  • Construction cost blow outs
  • Impact of exchange rate fluctuations on tourist numbers
  • The uncompetitive and high SCA passenger landing fees imposed on airlines
  • Global economic uncertainty
  • Fuel price fluctuations
  • The viability of airlines and routes