The Mudjimba Community Hall seats approximately 80 people and is available for hire to local clubs, groups and also public use.

The kitchen includes crockery, stove, fridge, urn, jugs, microwave, tables, chairs, car parking and facilities for the disable in parking and easy access to the hall. No furniture is to leave the Mudjimba area without the express permission of the duly elected Committee. All breakages to be replaced or paid for, also including carpet damage. The Committee take no responsibility for any property or personal possessions left in the Community Hall and this includes vandalism.

Private and Corporate Hire
$25.00 per hour
General Hire on a regular basis
$15.00 per hour
Table Hire
$3.00 per table
Chair Hire
$1.00 per chair
Electoral Hire
$550.00 per day

All other requests are at the Hall Hire Managers discretion.

Covid-19 Update

Community Hall reopens 13 June 2020

The Management Committee of the Mudjimba Residents Association Inc. has set out the guidelines below as a pre-requisite for your group returning as a hall hirer of the Mudjimba Community Hall.  We are currently looking at making the hall available for a Stage 2 reopening from midnight on 12 June.  Groups may resume any time after that if they meet the criteria.

All State government health regulations must be adhered to.  There will be posters put up around the venue to further remind you and your members.

Each hiring group is to appoint a Health and Safety Supervisor who will make sure all actions listed below are carried out and signed off on each hall hire, until further notice.  The name and contact details of the Health and Safety Officer must be submitted to the committee in an email before your hire can recommence.

As of 13th June, the condition of hall use is for groups of 20 people maximum at any one time.  At this stage, the Queensland Government has proposed this increase on 11th July to a maximum of 100 people.  However as the rules require social distancing to remain, the size of our hall permits a maximum of just 30 people on and after 11th July.  This number cannot increase until the government removes the physical distancing and 4 square metre rule.

Health and Safety Supervisor Role:

    • Keep an Attendee register for every session (name and contact phone number). This is for the purpose of tracing people should contact tracing be required.  To maintain privacy, the document will be retained by the Health and Safety Supervisor of each group and made available to authorities if requested.  A suggested format is set out on Page 2.
    • Ensure hand sanitiser (provided by you) is used by all before entering the hall.This needs to be set up outside the door.  Only one entry point is permitted so please do not use the side doors.
    • Ensure hand washing regulations are followed by all attendees.
    • Advise your group members that if they are feeling unwell then they must stay away.
    • Ensure ‘Social Distancing’ as per government regulations are adhered to when queuing and while activities are underway. Set up tables and chairs with a minimum 1.5 metres between participants.
    • After a session, use the disinfectant in spray bottles and paper towel provided on the kitchen bench to wipe down the chairs and tables that were used, the taps, toilet buttons on cisterns, light and fan switches, and door handles.Please do not spray directly onto the door lock as this will damage it.
    • Ensure the fabric chairs are not used.
    • While the side doors may be opened for fresh air they must not be used for entry to or exit from the hall.Please ensure the security screens remain locked to prevent this.  Please do not forget to lock each door after use.
    • To minimize the risk of ineffective cleaning, the kitchen and playground area is out of bounds.Please ensure this is conveyed to all attendees.
    • Advise attendees that they are to bring their own drink bottles, thermos flasks and snack food if required.

You will be advised as soon as the kitchen and playground are open for use or any of the above change.
Please forward these guidelines to members of your group so that they are prepared.

Any questions may be emailed to

Will you please acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to abide by the above until further notice by completing Page 3 of this document and returning to us via email at your earliest convenience.

Booking Enquires

For further information or related enquires, please call 0414 700 881