Residents for Responsible Development


The Residents for Responsible Development (ResDev) group seeks to ensure that all large projects proposed for the Sunshine Coast undergo an open process of review and community consultation. It is imperative that all projects are subjected to independent assessments of cost-benefit and community impact.

ResDev is particularly concerned that the unique lifestyle and environment enjoyed by Sunshine Coast residents and visitors is under threat from large projects that are insensitive to the local area or not commercially viable. Such projects include the proposed Airport Expansion, the Sekisui House development and Coastal Light Rail, among others.

More compatible and affordable options are available and must be examined openly. ResDev will hold decision-makers accountable for their actions by vigorously exposing all such proposals to wide public scrutiny.

What We Are About:
    • To unite all Sunshine Coast communities and provide public understanding, scrutiny and response to Sunshine Coast development issues that may cause concern
    • To keep a community based publicly accessible record of relevant process, consultations, media, communications and responses from Communities, Council, Public Representatives (specifically including the Mayor, Members of Parliament and Authority Executives) and relevant Public and Private Sector entities
    • To ensure effective and transparent government consultation and planning process, and to hold individuals to account when required
    • Provide an easy access forum for community engagement, understanding the issues around development, information exchange and any collective action required
    • Provide additional due diligence and unpack, simplify and analyse planning and assessment processes surrounding developments of concern
    • Allow equal and strengthened engagement between communities and the Sunshine Coast Business Council
    • Provide the government with an informed and consolidated community consultation group
    • Provide an informed community voice through media, information exchanges and campaigns
    • Where necessary, address poor government process issues which may include individual, authority and/or public office poor performance, lack of transparency and/or corruption
    • Support appropriate collective actions including: community voice; community protest; community legal actions; community technical support; and community fund raising
  • resdevmcy@gmail.com
  • 0418 544 667‬


ResDev wish to continue our on-going campaign to ensure that all large projects proposed for Queensland’s Sunshine Coast undergo an open process of review and community consultation and our only income is from your generous donations.

We have a fast growing community and readership supporting our work as well as many members who would have used ResDev material and data for their own submissions or comments either for or against various development proposals which we always welcome and encourage.

To helps continue our work and provided a publicly accessible record of relevant projects as well as ensure transparent government consultation and planning processes, we are asking our supporters to make a donation of $10. If you have any further questions regarding making a donation, setting up reoccurring transfers or specific examples of the expenses we currently have, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A big thank you from everyone at ResDev to all who have already made donations!

Donations can be made via direct bank transfer to the following account:

Account Name:  MRA inc
Account Number:  153963228
BSB Number:  633-000