The Mudjimba Residents Association (MRA) is a non-partisan community organisation representing the residents of the suburb of Mudjimba and its surrounds (postcode 4564).

The MRA aims to support our members by:
  1. Advocating to Local, State and Federal government, to resolve issues of concerns to our members and community;
  2. Maintaining awareness and responsiveness through ordinary meetings and dialogue with members;
  3. Maintaining the unique amenity and lifestyle of our community and the value of our properties, and
  4. Acting openly, professionally, honestly and ethically.
Our Objectives:
    • To be non-profit, non-party and non-sectarian, volunteer organisation united in our concern for the sustainable future of Mudjimba,
    • To adopt and endeavour to put into practice all matters affecting the general welfare and advancement of the district, with growth consistent with a balanced environment that preserves our lifestyle, urban character and biodiversity,
    • To maintain a dialogue with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council so that it is transparent and accountable, to ensure future development is balanced and sustainable.
    • To raise funds for the Mudjimba Community Hall.
Our Vision

The residents of this locality enjoy being part of a connected and engaged community, living in an area of outstanding natural beauty. They recognise that they are custodians of the unique and abundant biodiversity, ecology and relaxed lifestyle facilitated by our natural environment.

Local government policies, plans and actions will be consistent with achieving social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability, facilitated by best practice community consultation.

Development will distinguish the area’s natural environment, will avoid high-rise cityscape, not threaten the existing amenity, and ensure our natural coastal and rural landscapes remain visible and accessible.

The area’s unique environment of forests, reserves, parklands, beaches and waterways are to be preserved, maintained and recognised for contributing to the residents’ sense of wellbeing. The natural areas of the region will be protected for current and future generations.

The Traditional Owners’ rich culture, their heritage and their continual relationship with the lands and waters of the Sunshine Coast are recognised and respected.