This amendment includes the change in purpose of the Twin Waters West site from rural to emerging community (urban), enabling Stocklands to develop 1000 house blocks.

The current Planning Scheme 2014 states that “urban development within the Maroochy North Shore (MNS) local plan area is limited to land within the urban growth management boundary so as to protect environmental areas and landscape values, avoid further urban development on heavily constrained land, particularly low lying and flood prone land, …. and does not support urban development on flood prone constrained land.

The whole Twin Waters West site is flood prone, heavily constrained land. The storage capacity of this flood prone land helps protect the existing developments of Pacific Paradise, Mudjimba and Twin Waters from significant flood events. Urban development will remove that storage capacity with over 1 million cu.m of fill.

Figure 1 SCC flood hazard mapping of the site and adjacent vulnerable area: dark blue shows flood modelling under current climate; light blue extends the area under future climate.

This will be further investigated and updated at the meeting with our Hydrologist this Saturday 4pm Mudjimba Hall, Cottonwood Street, Mudjimba.

We urge people to please write to your Councillor(s) and Mayor. We also ask anyone who can to attend council chambers Nambour April 13 at 12.45.


Council to vote on the “Twin Waters West amendment” next Thursday, 13th April 2017