As you may already be aware, the Sunshine Coast Council has unexpectedly scheduled a Special Meeting for next Thursday 13th April, to consider in confidential session, and then apparently vote on, major amendments to the Planning Scheme 2014.

We would like to encourage you to attend the council meeting on Thursday 13th April (to be held at the Nambour Council Chambers at 1:00 pm) so we can make it absolutely clear to council the extent of our concern at its handling of these important issues.

We also encourage you to email the council expressing your concerns.


Here is an example of the letter, you are free to use it in full or in parts where appropriate.

“I wish to lodge my strong objection to the proposed “Twin Waters West” amendment to the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014.  This amendment includes the change in purpose of the Twin Waters West site from Rural to Emerging Community (urban), enabling the development of a subdivision on this site.

The current Planning Scheme 2014 appropriately states that “urban development within the Maroochy North Shore (MNS) local plan area is limited to land within the urban growth management boundary so as to …… avoid further urban development on heavily constrained land, particularly low lying and flood prone land, …. and does not support urban development on flood prone constrained land.”

The whole of the “Twin Waters West” site is flood prone, heavily constrained land. The flood storage capacity of this land helps protect the existing residential areas of Pacific Paradise, Mudjimba, Twin Waters and Maroochydore from flood events in the Maroochy River catchment.

Before making any decision on this change to the Planning Scheme, I strongly urge the Council to exercise its duty of care and seek independent professional advice from a major engineering consultant, to ensure that flood modelling takes into account the entire catchment of the Maroochy River, all recent, or proposed developments (e.g. the Airport Expansion Project), and climate change to provide flood predictions that are reliable, robust and beyond challenge.”



Loud & clear objection to Twin Waters West before Council’s Special Meeting.